ABOUT TheCall Uganda:

We are sounding an urgent “Call to National Repentance”!!! Joel 2:15-17

Given the various challenges facing our country, at church, family, and government levels, we the spiritual leaders of Uganda, collectively call upon all God fearing people to join in a season of:

“21 days of fasting and prayer, from 11th April to 1st May 2010.”

It is intended to awaken and revive the young and the old, men and women, church and family, government and the public and to fight vices eating away at our society. We shall all join our hearts across tribal, political, denominational, and generational boundaries, to cry to God to help us with the challenges in our country such as:

* The heightened political tensions and wrangles in the country, especially as we go gowards the 2011 general elections

* The increasing level of social evils in our society, some which are threatening our values and lifestyles e.g.

  • Witchcraft and human sacrifice
  • Homosexuality and increased immorality
  • Disasters and the resultant suffering of the people
  • The decay of morals and infrastructure of our city Kampala

* The sins and shortcomings that have been happening in the body of Christ, shaming the name of the Lord and discouraging God’s people (REV. 3: 1 – 3)

* The evil practices being committed with impunity by those in public offices especially the widespread corruption and misappropriation of funds

* The destiny of our youth and children who are confused by our deteriorating value system

1ST MAY 2010 – (10.00 – 6.00PM)

TheCall Uganda Team
Prayer, fasting and repentance changes nations!