How To Turn Your Education Into A Valuable Product

I can scarcely think of any product without it’s bearing on education. Whether formal or informal, education free minds and empower people to turn their passion into product.

Whether it is artificial intelligence, supply chain, content marketing or learning the Chinese language any form of education can be harnessed into forming a company or developed into a product. However, there are some factor that needs to be taken into consideration and this article in bringing out a value out of our formal education. This article answers the question of how students in their diverse learning ecosystem, can convert their education into a valuable product.

Find Your Strength

I often wonder why people spend their time doing things they are terrible at and yet complain that success is farfetched. As humans, we naturally gravitate towards our strength. The moment we start trying to be like others, we lose focus and hold ourselves back from maximizing our strength to achieve our goal in life.

Notable novelist Chimamanda Adichie could have made the same mistake if she had not made the decision to leave medicine for literature. Today, she is celebrated for her remarkable achievement in literature.

When you focus on developing your strength via a learning process, it is less stressful, and the goal is reachable/ So, why not build realistic goals around your passion? Take the time to find the educational roadmap, that adequately emphasis on your strength, and follow that path. When you build a career on your strength, transforming that expertise into a valuable product becomes natural.

Find The Need

If there are still humans on the face of the earth, then our needs will never be satisfiable. Rather it will evolve and hide itself, waiting to be discovered. Needs are only uncovered in the place of strength. I still remember the story of Andrew Carnegie, one of the steel merchant of the 19 Century, who single handily created an alternative route for transport steel cargo from Missouri and St.Loius. He wanted to avoid the disappointment of a sudden shut down of the railway industry. A well-spotted need if I must say!

Likewise, Andy Cullen, a Master’s student of Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Manchester is currently leveraging his education for wealth creation. His newly formed product sites which focus on laser engraving machines stems from his knowledge in mechanical engineering and realization of how businesses and entrepreneurs struggle to find extensive information on different types of laser machines.

Google recognized that internet users spend much time in making online searches and decided to create the Google search platform.

Create The solution –

Over the years, education has evolved from just passing information to practical engagement of its pupils in finding a solution to challenges. This solution often comes as invention or innovation during research undertakings or fieldwork. In most cases, this finding becomes a leverage for creating a spin-off company in the institution or trading the solution with major corporations.

In 1983, a Nobel Prize winner Kary Banks Mullis discovered the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Protocol that will enable rapid gene amplification and revolutionize Chemistry and Molecular biology. According to Mullis, he was driving his vehicle late one night with his girlfriend who was also chemist when he conceived the PCR solution. If you keep at it the solution will certainly show up.

Market The Solution –Marketing is the channel between products and consumers, no product will leave the shelf without adequate advertisement. The customers of the 21st Century are smarter and well informed, and they rely on reviews and user comments to verify the credibility of the solution you are offering. This implies that this is a serious game and one single mistake can leave a long-lasting damaging effect. So, be extra certain that what you are offering is unique and will deliver the proposed value.

With smartphones, we can now send e-mails, money transfers, shop online and even take lectures on Shaw Academy. The product is the phone, but efficiency and time saved are the solution marketed. A smart approach is to take allow free access to your product in exchange for comments and feedback. You can now build customer trust and gradually increase sales.

The social media has made marketing much simpler and easier. You can now your campaign to a target customer and gradually build momentum in sales.


The future will fail if we do not look beyond college as an avenue to pick up a 9 to 5 job. If we are to lead the new civilization and be part of the progressive future, we must convert our learning processes into valuable products. These products must reflect our fulfillment, and ultimately build retail solutions for tomorrow’s problems.